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We offer a variety of payment options and plans to fit your needs and budget.

For clients who prefer minimal services on an infrequent basis, the Basic Hourly Rate for “A La Carte”  is $35/hr.  See the Services page for the descriptions of the services we provide. If you require a service not listed, please contact us.

For your convenience, we offer Block Time Purchase Plans to provide value and flexibility of the services you require and when you require them. By purchasing either of the two plans in advance, you receive our services at discounted rates.

  1. Rate Plan B – Ten (10) hours at $30.Hr: $300

Recommended for client’s that require approximately 2 hours of assistance per week.

  1. Rate Plan C – Twenty Five (25) Hours at $25/Hr.: $625

Plan C is our most popular plan and recommended for client’s that require approximately 2- 4 hours of assistance per week on an ongoing basis.

Payment Arrangement:

If you prefer the basic hourly rate, The Domestic Helper of Caring With Kindness will give you a copy of your service order after your services are performed with payment due once the service is completed by either E-transfer or cheque.

For either Rate Plan B or C, we accept E-Transfer or Check in advance of the services being performed. Each month you receive an invoice showing the services performed, the date and time the service was performed and a balance left in your account that is your opening balance for the next month.

To schedule Caring With Kindness services, please allow a minimum of 2 business days notice..


Contact us to make further arrangements.