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Our current team is split between our locations: Victoria and Nanaimo, BC; and Moncton, NB. We are adding new clients and Personal Domestic Helpers all the time. If you need help or want to join our team in a location we currently service or a B.C. location we will soon expand in, we want to hear from you!

These are just some of our amazing team members.

Meet the Team

Shaunna Morgan - Founder

I started working at the age of 16 and my career quickly escalated into management positions for a variety of industries either in tangible or non tangible goods and services. Over the last 30 years, my skills have been honed as a Consultant for Project Management, Business Development, Marketing and HR Services for small business.

I relied on my eyes to research the various business platforms and to write content for the client’s websites, advertising materials and HR ads. On Good Friday of 2017, I had an accident that smashed my face and cheek bone. My eyesight was disabled. The surgery in late 2018 was not successful, except leaving me with 4 titanium plates and a few less teeth. In adversity, I became my own client to assess the skills I had, that I liked to do, in order to reinvent myself. Helping people to flourish from business to personal growth has been my passion throughout my career. Hence - Caring With Kindness was launched in early 2019.

I am very community-orientated and believe in giving back to help those less fortunate. With my marketing skills, I have volunteered my time to help non-profits such as The Island Crisis Care Society, The Samaritan House, The Salvation Army and The Men’s Centre.

Through business affiliations and connections within the community of Nanaimo and surrounding areas, I enjoy networking people together for each other to succeed. This has proven to be a very valuable asset when sourcing and cultivating the right people for the right job, with the right skills to form the team of Caring With Kindness.

I have spent most of my life on Vancouver Island and for the past 20 years have resided in Nanaimo. When my mother passed away, I cared for my elder stepfather in taking over the chores, grocery shopping, cooking and running errands while keeping him company.

Family values are very important to me. Even though I was not blessed with children, I like to think I am a fun aunt, sister-in-law, step-daughter, and a great sister to my two siblings.

In my quiet time, I enjoy reading, gardening, cooking and volunteering for those in need.


Kristie – Personal Domestic Helper (Nanaimo)

I was born in Port Hardy B.C., then our family relocated to Port McNeil, B.C. and then we moved to Port Alberni where I attended my 12 years of schooling.

At the age of 21, my first two children (who are twins), were born. My goodness did I learn very quickly about what motherhood and being a good mother really means - at such a tender age!

My mother is involved in hospice care and my wonderful stepmother is a private HCA. This gave me thought to also help people or animals who are the most vulnerable in society.

When my twins were two years old, we moved to Nanaimo for better career opportunities for myself and my partner. After receiving my diploma in 2011 as a community support and social services worker, our family expanded with the birth of two more children. All four of my children were not yet of school age so a stay-at-home mom was my focus. With the everyday costs of raising a family, I started a career in childcare for both able bodied children and children with severe disabilities.

Things were going great, then all of a sudden COVID struck! While taking time out, I realized this was an opportunity to pursue another facet of doing what I love to do in giving back to community. I looked long and hard but could not find anything that allowed me the freedom to be who I am and in what I like to do. Then I saw a Facebook Post on someone highly recommending the services of Caring With Kindness. I loved their company name and after reading all about them on their website, I immediately applied for a career with them as a Personal Domestic Helper. Within no time at all I was accepted with Caring With Kindness!

Words cannot express what a wonderful company Caring With Kindness is to work with and how they embody such loving care to individuals and their families to ensure their happiness and their independence. At Caring With Kindness, I feel valued by not only the Company, but every Client I help. We really do develop close relationships between the Client and Personal Domestic Helper. I have found this out myself, as every Client I care for becomes extended family to me that I appreciate and love. This feeling is reciprocated by the Client to me as well.

Oh! Some of my favorite hobbies/past times are caring for animals, growing plants, gardening, making candles, knitting and crocheting – to name just a few.


George – Personal Domestic Helper (Nanaimo)

I specialize in performing services as a Handyman, Landscaper, Gardener, House Cleaner and everything in between to help with the chores and errands of our clients in Nanaimo and surrounding areas. I was born into a farming family in Edmonton and have had a close relationship with gardens and the land, all of my life.

I did spend a decade living and working in Ontario in the mid-seventies to mid-eighties. During that decade, I worked as a market gardener (acres of land for growing vegetables), landscape gardener and during the winters, I was the owner-operator of a taxi.

During my working life, I have acquired additional skills in basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting and drywall. Basically, I am a great handyman too! I helped my friends who are professional tradespeople on the job, mostly for residential. I did drywall taping in my early teens for a drywall company and also helped my friends in painting for their customers.

I have had my own landscape business in building fences and gates, designing and constructing raised garden beds and planting gardens. I excel at pruning and cutting limbs. Rejuvenating established gardens, which for reasons aplenty have been let go, is one of my favourite passions. I am a stickler for details and am an enthusiastic gardener and landscaper. B.C., is one of the best climates in Canada for gardening, especially vegetables and is why I have lived here for most of my life. My wife and I previously lived in a house with gardens, so we gardened every month the ground was clear. February, we planted our garlic patch, composted the other beds and did the first of many weedings. March and April, were prep months, garden beds, planting seedlings and pruning the deadwood from trees and shrubs.

I enjoy the sharing of knowledge when working with clients of Caring With Kindness as they also offer so much insight into the experience they have gained throughout their years. I joined, Caring with Kindness because of the variety of services they offer which allow me to help many people in what they require and what I love doing.

My hobbies include reading books, enjoying movies, refinishing furniture and restoring antique steamer trunks, gardening, and walking. I enjoy animals of all kinds and connect with our domestic ones extremely well.


Kathy - Personal Domestic Helper (Nanaimo)

I grew up in the small town of Castlegar in the West Kootenays. I was the only one in my family to “fly the coop” so to say and move to Vancouver just before my 20th birthday! I became an employee of Canadian National Railway and was with them for 36 years prior to retirement in 2018.

My husband Mike had an opportunity to get away from the huge metropolis of Vancouver and transfer with his job as a truck driver to Nanaimo, and I retired at the same time. It truly was the best move we could have ever made. The beauty of Vancouver Island, the amazing people that live here make this such a blessing for us.

I was puttering around in retirement not really doing too many rewarding things when I came upon an opportunity to work with Caring with Kindness. I was a little reluctant to come out of retirement, but feel blessed with this opportunity to help all that are in need of a little assistance. The clients I have truly fill my heart with their gratitude for what I have been able to assist them with. My Mom passed away at an early age and I remember how she had wanted to volunteer to do something to help people out. I guess it came naturally to me.

My husband and I met later in life so we do not have children but do have a "fur baby".  His name is Bo and he is a black and white long-haired cat. Someday I hope to foster animals. At this point though, our cat is the “Boss” so I don’t think he would be too keen on having his space invaded. In the meanwhile, I love meeting and caring for the precious fur babies of our clients.

Working with Caring with Kindness has given me the opportunity to have another purpose in life and provides me such satisfaction that is truly a rewarding experience when I am helping out our clients.


Charlene – Personal Domestic Helper (Nanaimo)

I first came to B.C. as a young teenager working under the wings of my cousin who paid for a flight for me in exchange of working in her Tofino restaurant for two summers. I had to go back home to Ontario before school started again, but in the back of my mind, knew I wanted to come back to the Island.

After graduating high school, I packed up and moved to Tofino. Life was good exploring the nature trails and beaches. I did a lot of work cleaning rooms and cabins for the next guests to arrive during the mornings. At night I worked in a few restaurants where I learned to cook fancy things. I remember going to get fresh crab on the dock in front of the customers who saw how fresh their dinner was going to be as they viewed the spectacular scenery while I scooped up the crab! I decided to start school in Esthetics and realized Tofino was limited in such a small town of only 750 people and underdeveloped. Even though there were many places to choose from, a small city to further my education with beaches, and a community feel to it was why Nanaimo became my home.

To give back to community, I helped at a church, cooking meals for the single, widowed and underprivileged men in Ladysmith. It was such a rewarding feeling to serve them and see them smile!

Time for the next step in planning my financial future. During the day, I was a cosmetic manager at Woodward’s and cooked at night in restaurants. Juggling three jobs kept me hopping to save for my first car, tired of the busses! The next step of my journey was to open my own beauty salon which was successful for years and then I sold, to create further new adventures! 27 years have since been spent in the grocery industry, doing deliveries, meat dept, and managing the bulk foods. Delivering prescriptions was fun. Many people I became attached to, then later visiting them in seniors’ homes. They were so surprised when they saw me as I had not forgotten them!

Since the age of 3, I have been cooking while mom turned a blind eye then turned around to a big mess! Over the past 11 years, I have brought my canned preserves, handmade socks, or home-made cupcakes for children to decorate at community markets. Time moves on. My son is now 24, my husband is my rock and my three adorable step grandchildren keep me hopping! My hobbies are sewing, cooking, gardening, soap making and who knows what’s next!

I met Shaunna, the Founder of CWK, and fell in love with the concept of being able to help others. Everyday life and pressures of getting things done can be so overwhelming. I love how CWK can help relieve those pressures for people of all ages and walks in life. There are so many people that need help with the simplest things that we take for granted, like doing laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, light house cleaning, getting to appointments, changing a light bulb or just provide a bit of companionship, emotional support or share a good laugh together; putting a smile on a someone’s face makes my day.

They say kindness isn't kindness, until you give from the heart. Gosh! That’s what I love to do!!


Sara – Personal Domestic Helper (Nanaimo)

Hello, my name is Sara. I was born in Kamloops, BC. Soon after, my mother moved our large family to Vancouver Island, where we settled into Nanaimo, B.C. As the middle child of five children, I found my own way through life being quiet, studious and liked keeping things tidy around me.

I first started working at resorts in Banff, Alta and Tofino, B.C., which I loved. Within a few years, I realized the Island is where I want to permanently be, as I always looked forward to returning to Nanaimo for family and for the Island itself. Another dream on my bucket list was achieved with an accounting assistant certificate at V.I.U.

My partner and I met in 2004, then started our own family in 2010. I was thrilled as now I am young mother with babies of her own to love and care for. To help support our young family as my partner worked in the trades, I opened an in-home daycare where I offered a discounted rate so other young mothers could afford to re-enter the workforce.

Now our three children are all in school and becoming more independent by the day. Once again, it is time for me to find a way to give back to others that I would thoroughly enjoy as much as they will enjoy in what I give. Helping people in Nanaimo to have a more fulfilling life that is stress-free, to give them quality time with family and friends and do activities that inspires them, would be very rewarding for me. I enjoy keeping busy while visiting with others, be that wiping surfaces, folding laundry, cleaning, taking them to appointments or preparing meals while keeping them company.

My favourite seasons are summer to autumn for the warmth, swimming in the lakes and rivers, visiting the parks and beaches, and experiencing the phenomenon of Island Time. In my spare time I read books - I love fantasy, no suspenseful thrillers for me. I also enjoy crafting - making something old renewed again, sewing, and basic woodworking. I enjoy hiking, all genres of music, and research (to name a few).

I went searching on the Internet for the perfect fit on what I like to do and came across Caring With Kindness of who I am now a Personal Domestic Helper for. I look forward to forging new friendships and helping our neighbours with chores that challenge them or chores they prefer not to do, learning new things and listening to old stories, which our Elders have an abundance for me to learn by.


Cathy – Personal Domestic Helper & Team Lead (Riverview and surrounding areas, N.B.)

As the Team Lead for the New Brunswick division of Caring With Kindness, I am looking forward to meeting and greeting new clients to provide quality non-medical support services in the Moncton region.

Many of us struggle to meet the many obligations we have to family, me time, our friends, our employers, and to do so, we compromise the time we need to maintain our own chores and errands.  It is a challenge and usually we find ourselves frustrated by the never-ending list of “To Do’s”.

I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed being a mother for the last 35 years. It’s amazing how many skills you learn and use raising children. Not just my own children but my friend’s children, and my own children’s friends. I still check in with my “adopted” son of who spent from his mid teen years to 20 something with us, while he figured out his life. It wasn’t always easy, but always rewarding. He had a need; we accepted him as one of us. I have never had to question his loyalty or love. We encouraged him to be himself and watch him grow alongside my other 3 children to all become decent and caring individuals.

I struggled as a single parent to juggle schedules, work and getting things done. There were never enough hours in a day and I am sure that I had 8 magical arms and eyes in the back of my head for most of those 13 years. Truth be known, if it were not for good friends, I don’t think I would have fared so well. I didn’t have any real family other than my children and of course my closest friends. Still, I made it through with my sanity and sense of humour surprisingly intact. Greyer and wiser, but also more aware of what it is to manage on 5 hours or less sleep a night, spending hours travelling back and forth from work, fundraisers, school events, volunteer nights, doctors, shopping, laundry, cleaning, special occasions, sleep over’s, elder care for my grandfather, walking the dog, mowing the lawn.  It seemed to never end, the list of things that needed doing. My days were long, tiring and seemed to run together because I was never really done with the chores as they always needed doing again. I swear it was just as magical, how the dirty dishes reappeared on the counter, and the laundry baskets were again full, only a day or two later. Just like that! Poof! Now they are long since grown and on their own. I have the joy of sleeping more than 5 hours a night, tend to beautiful gardens, time to breathe with 4 fur babies and now 3, as one of our beloved babies recently passed away.

I have the most supportive and wonderful husband in the world, that like me, is disabled. My disabilities are not immediately apparent, and I have adapted to compensate for the deficiencies I can never gain back. It has taken years, learning coping mechanisms that work for me, adapting movement and other activities to be able to function as normally as possible, and learning to work smarter, not harder. One has to learn to think outside the box to find workable solutions when the obvious won’t work. Adaptability and flexibility are as important as attention to detail, and quality of life. My life and work experiences have provided me with many skills that I long to share with others to support and assist, to improve the quality of their life. I have lived in large homes, cottages, apartments, tiny homes and even an off-grid home.

I have great organizational and time management skills. I can help you prepare for an upcoming move, assist or provide you with housekeeping support, maintain your yard and gardens, walk your dog, prepare healthy meals, do your shopping, read to your children, ensure you are at your appointments on time, teach you how to use your electronic devices more effectively, and so much more.  If it is within my skill set, I will help, teach, do, research, support and/or guide. If I cannot, I will find you a solution. You only need to ask. What I have learned is that we all need to be connected to the world around us in a resourceful, positive and empowering way.

These days, it is hard to know who is experienced and if they are reliable when you go on line seeking help. Before you know it, you have numerous people/ companies who are all at different rates, with different expectations for you to manage in order to walk your dog, maintain your yard/ gardening, clean your house, cook, shop and take you to appointments.

At Caring With Kindness, I appreciate the focus is on personal service, to meet your specific needs, all at the same hourly rate and usually one Personal Domestic Helper who is multi-faceted in all aspects on non medical services. I am thrilled how Caring With Kindness cultivates a supportive and trust-worthy relationship where the Personal Domestic Helper and the Client evolve together to build a long term relationship as in the days gone by of community working with community in their local area.

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