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At Caring With Kindness, we help people of all ages and walks of life to enhance their lives by performing all their non-medical chores inside their home extends to the yard and garden work.

We help young families who lead busy lives who want a respite from the day-to-day chores, individuals who are recovering from surgery or are physically challenged on a temporary or permanent basis.

We love working with seniors and their families to provide the care and services the senior requires. We provide emotional support to the families through action as they see how our Personal Domestic Helpers become emotionally involved in caring for their loved one.

We believe in giving each client a 100% of our heart and evolve with them and their family as we build a trusting relationship together.

If we feel the services require a specialized professional trades person, such as an electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter or landscaper, we will source the best trades person for the job and refer the trade to the client. If the client prefers, we will oversee the work to be performed on their behalf.

Pet care
Grocery shopping
Power washing

Offer companionship when performing chores, taking them to activities, lunch or drives

Do chores for those who care for an invalid or to give respite to a family care giver

Do laundry and change bedding

Perform grocery shopping

With or without the client.

Overnight stays to monitor client

Can be for a few days or for a night.

Sort, organize and declutter the home

Will work closely with client on what is required.

Plan and prep meals

Dependent on the client’s dietary needs and what they enjoy eating.

Assist with light house cleaning

Wash floors, windows, bathrooms, vacuum, dusting, etc.

Encouragement to engage in activities

Dependent on client preferences and disabilities.

Transportation to and from appointments

Doctor, hospital, dentist, specialist, etc.

Snow shovelling

Sidewalks, driveway, and stairs.

Pet walking or pet sitting

Will overnight with the pet if the client prefers.

Lawn care and gardening

Mowing lawn, weeding, and planting.

Power washing

Sidewalks, driveway, stairs, and exterior siding.

Perform deep cleaning

Oven, walls, windows, move fridge/stove to clean behind.

Light handyman repairs

Replacing light bulbs/batteries, tightening up bolts/screws, hanging drapes/pictures, repairing gates/doors, or other simple repairs such as touching up paint.


Sometimes a client may not be able to or want to go out and perform errands such as:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Taking their pet to the vet
  • Going to the dry cleaners
  • Picking up medication from the pharmacist

Our reliable Personal Domestic Helpers are here to do these errands and more for you!

Sometimes, the client likes to accompany their Helper and stay in the vehicle while they run their errands to enjoy people watching or just enjoy the scenery going by.

Sometimes the client likes to participate in grocery shopping, but needs help with it. Their Helper stays with them while they shop. On the return to their home, the Helper puts the groceries away and anything else the client needs before leaving them for the day.

Garden & Yard Care

We want our clients to fully enjoy their garden and yard as much as possible throughout the changing seasons.

Our Personal Domestic Helpers are happy to do the weeding, weed eating, planting and mowing of the yard and garden from spring to fall. Maybe it is just the spring and fall clean up that is needed. We will do that too!

Pruning trees and hedges is a specialty of one of a few of our Personal Domestic Helpers, along with planting your vegetables and plants that will flourish under their expert care.

If the client requires an irrigation system installed or repaired or a pond put in, we source who will provide the best service and cost, to fit the requirements of our client and make arrangements directly with the trade for the work required and if the client prefers, even manage the work for the client.


We take for granted how easy it is to change a light bulb or hang curtains or hang photos, but for elderly people or persons with a disability, these are not easy or become impossible tasks for them to do, but essential to have done for peace of mind and safety. That light bulb could be at the top of the stairs. Yes, very dangerous if not well lit.

We also perform handyman chores for all ages, such as repairing a gate that won't close /open or fixing loose boards on a deck or painting a room, etc.

All these handyman chores we do for you and more!

Some of our Personal Domestic Helpers have had their own handyman service business, been in the construction industry previous and are expert in their trade. Some of our Helpers just love to fix what needs fixing and are good at it.

House Cleaning & Laundry

We perform all or a portion of your light house cleaning based on your requirements and all to your satisfaction. Our Personal Domestic Helpers, from public opinion, are believed to be nearly one step away from OCD with how efficient and meticulous they are to find and eradicate that one fine particle of dust or dirt on the floor!

Deep clean includes inside cupboards, drawers and closets.

The client may prefer to do their own dusting or other lighter areas of cleaning their home and let us do scrubbing out the bathtub(s), shower(s), toilet(s), vacuuming carpets, washing floors, cleaning the mirrors and easy to reach windows.

If the client prefers, we also perform the laundry chores from washing to drying, to folding and putting them away. We also launder the bedding and remake the bed(s).

NOTE: For deep cleaning such as walls, ovens, moving fridges, stoves, W&D, freezers, furniture and hard-to-reach areas for window washing, ceilings, an hourly rate of $50 applies. The hours will be assessed with a Meet & Greet at the residence as to how much of a deep clean the client requires and then upon the Client’s approval, the Deep Clean will be scheduled in for service.

House Sitting

If you need to leave your home for a bit and are worried about the home being vacant. We can help!

We can perform regular checks inside your home and around the property to ensure your home and property are safe. We can also bring in your mail, mow the lawn and water your garden while you are away too.

Our trustworthy Personal Domestic Helpers are accountable, responsible and integral. They all have a current criminal record check on file with Caring With Kindness along with a copy of their liability insurance coverage to support they are trustworthy to work with our clients.

Computer & Mobile Device

If you are challenged with learning how to set up your computer or mobile device(s), or set up an email account to send and receive or even find your emails in your inbox, how to save documents or even set up a social media account - we can help!

Our team of Personal Domestic Helpers are very savvy on how to configure computer settings, wireless printers and mobile devices with easy tutorial for you to become comfortable in using your devices.

If you need to know how to set up your calendar on your device to add medical appointments or keep a shopping list with the contact information with reminder notifications, we can help in this too.

If there is a computer problem we can't fix, we will find you someone for you who can.

Organize & Declutter

The Personal Domestic Helpers of Caring With Kindness love to help clients organize their homes.

 If you are surrounded with items that no longer serve a purpose, but you are uncertain or overwhelmed where to start and what to keep... we will help!

Should you become overwhelmed with having too many items in your home where it is a challenge to use items you do need, or have run out of counter, closet, cupboard or floor space… we will help!

If household items are spread all over your Senior loved one’s home, where it becomes unsafe to maneuver and navigate around items that have invaded the floors, counters, drawers… we will help!

If a loved one has passed away and you need to sort and disperse of their possessions whether in their own home or in yours... we will help!

We will work closely with you or your loved one on the items you wish to keep, what items to give to family and friends, or donate to charity. Once your home is decluttered, our Personal Domestic Helpers will organize the remaining items in drawer’s, cupboards, closets and counters and take away all unwanted items. This process may take a while to complete, based on the extend of work that is needed doing.

Once the organizing of household items has been completed, many of our Caring with Kindness Clients mention how good they feel living in their home. They were not aware of the extent of the burden they were carrying until it was lifted.

How awesome is that?

Pet Care

Your pets are like one of our own family. They are cherished and given the love and care they give to us.

We have a very diversified team of Personal Domestic Helpers who love pets of all kinds and will look after them, just like you would when they take them for a walk or care for them while you are away.

They will make sure their medication and meals are given on time, will walk them, play with them and keep your buddy company while you are gone. 

If you prefer, we will overnight it with your four-footed companion, drop by throughout the day to make sure they are happy in their own home or they may stay with the Personal Domestic Helper.

There are many ways we can look after your pet which is based on the characteristics of your buddy that would start with a Meet & Greet, with your four-footed companion and we will go from there.

Cooking & Food Prep

Personal Domestic Helpers of Caring With Kindness are skilled in prepping, cooking or serving meals, then cleaning up before leaving the client’s home. They all have Food Safe certification.

Whether you need 3 meals, 2 meals or if you need only one meal a day prepared for you, our Helpers cook delicious meals from what is in the client's cupboards, fridge and freezer to ensure the food is being used before the expiration date. If the client prefers, we will prepare a meal schedule, then also shop for the items to prepare the schedule. All meals are healthy and nutritious.

Our Caring With Kindness Helpers also prepare numerous meals and freeze them in containers for the client to defrost and heat up when they choose not to cook.

Project Management

Shaunna Morgan is an expert Project Manager, working with trades in the construction industry for over 20 years.

What many people are challenged with is how to source a specialized trades person for household and property improvements and how to convey what they require from them at a price they can afford.

If a client needs a new roof or an extensive roof repair, an irrigation system, heating system, extensive landscaping, new flooring, new electrical, Painting, New gutters, home renovations, etc., Shaunna sources the best trade, negotiates the best price and oversees the project, on behalf of the Client, from start to finish.

No matter where you are located, contact Shaunna who in turn, will direct your requirements to one of the team in your community.

Snow shovelling

Relocation Services

We also perform relocation services if you are moving to another residence. To ensure all your needs are met, we also arrange third party professionals for services we do not perform such as an accredited moving company and carpet cleaning.

  • Organize and sort belongings to be packed and moved from your home.
  • Stage furniture and decor in the home for improved resale value.
  • Take measurements for what can and cannot be used in the new home.
  • Organize all belongings in new home.
  • Disperse of items not needed.
  • Arrange appraisal of items to be sold.
  • Organize the packing & shipping of items to family members or others.
  • Arrange for painters or repairs.
  • Clean the premises after vacating or before moving to the new premises.
  • Arrange disconnect of appliances.
  • Arrange the change of address with post office, utilities and others.
  • Maintain yard and lawn maintenance.
  • Co-ordinate with the moving company to perform your services.
  • Consult and recommend real estate agents for the sale of the property.
Relocation services

Many aspects need to be considered and discussed to ensure a seamless transition that is worry free from and to, your new home.

Contact us for further details or to arrange a Meet & Greet.

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