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It is not just seniors we help.  We help people who lead busy lives or for individuals of all ages that are recovering from surgery or are challenged physically or mentally on a temporary or permanent basis.

We facilitate services inside and out of the home.

If we feel the services require a professional trades person, such as an electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter or landscaper, we will source the best trades person for the job and refer the trade to the client. If the client prefers, we will oversee the work to be performed.

Non Medical Day-to-Day services may include but not limited to:

Assistance with household cleaning chores (Wash floors, windows, bathtub, shower, toilet, oven, etc. Vacuum carpets, Dust throughout, etc.)

Do laundry and change bedding

Helping a widower or widow with all chores

Do chores for those who care for an invalid child or to relieve a live in care giver

Offer Companionship when performing chores (Companionship can be structured various ways)

Sort & organize home clutter in storage or office
(Will work closely with client as to what is required)

Overnight stays to monitor client (Can be for a few days or for a night)

Perform grocery shopping (With or without the client)

Plan and prep meals (Meals are simple and healthy and are dependent on the clients dietary needs)

Transportation to appointments or events (Doctor, hospital, dentist, specialist, community events, etc.

Encouragement to engage in activities (Dependent on client preferences and disabilities)

Pet walking or pet sitting (Will overnight with the pet if the client prefers)

Snow shovelling (sidewalks, driveway and stairs)

Power washing (Sidewalks, driveway, stairs and exterior siding)

Lawn care and gardening (mowing lawn, weeding, planting)

Light handyman repairs (replacing light bulbs and batteries, tightening up bolts and screws or other simple repairs such as touching up paint, etc.)

Please visit our RATES for payment options for the above  “Al La Carte” Services or Contact us for further information.