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CWK iconWe provide non-medical support in long-term or short-term live-in care for:

  • Seniors
  • Individuals with a long-term disability
  • Individuals recovering from surgery

Caregivers are an important and valuable asset for the well-being of seniors and their loved ones. There is a multitude of reasons why a Live-In Caregiver may be the ideal solution.

The most common reason is seniors or people with disabilities are challenged to enjoy a fulfilling life or struggle to perform daily tasks or participate in social activities.

Caring with Kindness provides long-term and short-term live-in care for clients in Nanaimo BC, Victoria BC, and Sussex, New Brunswick.

Our mission is for elders to age with dignity and grace, have fun, and be inspired to look forward to each day, while remaining in the comfort and sanctum of their home.

Long-Term Care Facility vs In-Home Care

For individuals who prefer to stay living in their own home, a long-term care facility may be very frightening or overwhelming to them as they feel secure in their home or feel this is their last hold of independence, which will be lost to them if they relocate to a long-term care facility or a nursing home.

Caring With Kindness Live-In Caregivers:

Caring With Kindness carefully sources and extensively interviews prospective Live-In Home Caregivers for the purposes of assigning the perfect Caregiver to a client to meet the unique needs and personality of the client. We choose Caregivers who are compassionate, mature, responsible, integral and resourceful in learning their client needs as the client requires extra services.

We also assign a Caregiver in close proximity to the community our client resides, in as they are familiar with the community services, culture and language. Each client and Caregiver are monitored closely by Caring With Kindness to ensure both client and Caregiver are doing well together.

Caring With Kindness Caregivers live with the client, sleep at night after the client is in bed, receives two days off a week and within the working days is provided personal and meal time breaks.

Respite Live-In Caregiver: For the two days off a week the Caregiver receives, the Caregiver is able to leave prepared meals in the client’s fridge. If the client is unable to be left unattended for the two days or unable to be left at night, a Respite Caregiver will be assigned to the client by Caring With Kindness OR if preferred to save on costs, a family member or friend of the client may choose to stay with their loved one as the Respite Caregiver.

Short-Term Care:

Should you or your loved one be recovering from surgery and require short-term care, Caring With Kindness will care for the client until they are comfortable to be on their own.

Cancer patient
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Benefits of One-on-One Live-In Care

There are numerous benefits for one Caregiver to look after a client in relation to three or four Caregivers:

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With one Caregiver, the client and Caregiver build a trusting and comfortable bond between them

The companionship of the Caregiver is very reassuring to the client as they do not feel alone. When too many caregivers are involved with one client, the client may become disorientated and anxious in coping with various caregivers who arrive and then leave the client.

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A Live-in Caregiver transitions with the needs of their client as the bond deepens between the live-in caregiver and their client

Living with the client, the Live-In Caregiver has become familiar in the client’s habits, enjoyments, abilities and disabilities. As the client improves in abilities or requires additional help, the Live-In Caregiver is intuitively aware of the client transition and will seamlessly evolve to the client’s requirements.

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The Live-In Caregiver becomes a loved family member to both the elder client and the family members of the client

Communication becomes very effective due to this. Also, every client, main family member of the client and the caregiver are fully supported in their service requirements. Caring With Kindness ensures excellent service as the key component is with frequent communication between all people involved in the care and concern for their loved one.

Caregiver Responsibilities (not limited to):

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Schedule and accompany the client to their appointment on time (doctor, eye exam, dental, hairdresser, family events, etc.)

Should the client require, medical transport to their appointment, we arrange the transportation and meet them at their appointment and then back home again.

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Work closely with client home medical care-aids, therapists, dietitians, doctor and VIHA

Who performs the client medical services, such as bathing, physiotherapy, prescriptions, dietary requirements, etc.

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Assist client (if required)

To wash their hair, brush teeth, feed them meals, help change clothing, take their medication on time and other non-medical services the client requires such as purchasing groceries, household items, clothing, prescriptions or other necessities the client requires.

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Help with household duties

Perform house cleaning, laundry, change bedding, gardening, yard work, prep/cook Meals, Pet care and walking, sort/declutter household items, run errands, provide companionship, encourage social outings, take client out for lunch, walks, rides and so much more!

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Caregiver Certifications

Before Caregivers are assigned a client of Caring With Kindness, we require the following from the Caregiver:

  • Current Criminal Record Check
  • Vulnerable Sector Check
  • Full liability Insurance
  • Good Drivers Abstract
  • Food Safe
  • Occupational First Aid
  • WorkSafe
House cleaning

Value-Packed Rate Plans

A long-term or short-term Live-In Caregiver may be more cost-effective and economical in relation to a nursing home or a long-term care facility, especially if the elder has enjoyed an independent and satisfying lifestyle to date, in the comfort of their home. Their home is where they will flourish the longest in as long as they are provided the care, companionship and love they deserve.

The Caring With Kindness client rate plan is evaluated from initially viewing the condition of the premises and the condition of the client, by way of a complimentary Meet & Greet.

We encourage all family members to attend in order for Caring With Kindness to answer any questions or concerns the family members may have.

Contact us for further details or to arrange your Meet & Greet.

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