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Enhance Your Life. Leave The Chores To Us.

It is not just seniors we help do chores and errands for. We help people who lead busy lives or for individuals of all ages that are recovering from surgery or are challenged physically or mentally on a temporary or permanent basis. We facilitate services inside and out of the home.
If we feel the services require a professional tradesperson, such as an electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter or landscaper, we will source the best trades person for the job and refer the trade to the client. If the client prefers, we will oversee the work to be performed.

We love helping seniors so they can stay in their beloved homes longer than would be possible without our assistance.  We strive to make their desire a reality!  We assist seniors and help their family members, or give relief to the sole family caregiver on the day to day chores or errands that govern our lives.

We also perform Care Relocation Services to seamlessly transition the client from one residence to another. To make sure all the client and families needs are met before during and after the relocation, we arrange and work with third party professionals for services we do not perform.

Non Medical Day-to-day chores and errands may include:

Assistance with household cleaning chores
Do laundry and change bedding
Helping a widower or widow with chores
Do chores for those who care for an invalid child
Provide Companionship
Sort and organize home clutter or in storage
Overnight stays to help client

Perform grocery shopping
Plan and prep meals
Transportation to appointments or events
Encouragement to engage in activities
Pet walking or pet sitting
Lawn care and gardening
Light handyman repairs

Caring With Kindness facilitates the non medical chores and errands to assist the client in daily activities that they may not want to do or are not able to perform themselves. These chores may include simple tasks such as changing light bulbs or helping with light housework while we keep the client company.

We help individuals find purpose in their lives. We work closely with seniors and their families to encourage the senior to take up a hobby, attend senior centre activities, volunteer in the community or visit with family and friends.  We accompany them if that is what it takes to engage them in activities.

Our Services are also structured for people who lead busy lives and need help with the daily chores.

We provide a free consultation with the client or a family member to review the clients needs. We offer options for the frequency of care for the chores required. Some clients prefer we visit daily, a few times per week or when they need help or even stay overnight or longer depending on their needs. To assist with a client’s Budget and requirements, we also provide Rate plans that are structured for value and flexibility.

Every month one day is scheduled to volunteer to those in need working with senior non profit organizations, organizations that assist seniors with physical or mental health concerns. We also volunteer to individuals who have a disability and are on a limited pension.

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