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Our Commitment to You:

Our Personal Domestic Helpers will take Heartfelt Care of You, your Loved Ones, and your Home.

We provide many non-medical services, performed by our Personal Domestic Helpers and long-term or short-term Live-In Caregivers for people of all ages and lifestyles, from young families who lead busy lives or for individuals who are recovering from surgery, or are challenged physically on a temporary or permanent basis. We perform the chores inside and out of the home.

We currently cover from Nanaimo, Ladysmith, and Duncan down to Victoria on Vancouver Island.

We love helping seniors to stay in their beloved homes longer than would be possible without our assistance. We strive to keep the senior as independent as possible so they feel good about doing things they still can. We work closely with seniors and their families to encourage the senior to take up a hobby, attend senior centre activities, volunteer in the community or visit with family and friends. We accompany them if that is what it takes to engage them in activities.

Non medical day-to-day chores and errands may include, but not limited to:

  • Provide companionship

    We understand how lonely life can get. Let us become your companion while we do chores.

  • Run errands & grocery shopping

    We know you have your favourite foods or a list of essentials each week. We can help keep your shelves stocked.

  • Do chores for those who care for an invalid child

    Life is already hard enough. Let us give you time to breathe and get stuff done!

  • Provide transportation

    Help with hair or medical appointments, special events, or a ride somewhere.

  • Lawn care and gardening

    Mowing lawn, weeding, planting, clearing snow, you name it.

  • Plan and prep meals

    Overnight stays are possible.

  • Do laundry

    And change bedding.

  • Care relocation services

    Seamlessly transition the client from one residence to another.

  • Sort and organize home clutter

    We can also handle storage.

  • Assistance with household cleaning chores

    Wash floors, windows, bathtub, shower, toilet, oven, vacuuming, dusting, whatever.

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CWK iconBy caring from our heart and through our actions, we provide emotional support to the families of our senior clients. We also give respite to the sole family caregiver on the day-to-day chores or errands that govern our lives.

At Caring With Kindness, we assign one Personal Domestic Helper to perform the chores and errands for the client in order to alleviate too many people in the clients home as well as to cultivate a trusting relationship between the two. Sometimes two Personal Domestic Helpers may be assigned to one client with one helping inside, and one performing the yard and garden care.

We also perform Relocation Services to seamlessly transition the client from one residence to another. To make sure all the client and family’s needs are met before during and after the relocation, we arrange and work with third party professionals for services we do not perform.

Should a service require a professional tradesperson such as an electrician, plumber, painter, carpenter or landscaper, we will source the best tradesperson for the job and refer the trade to the client or oversee the project if the client prefers.

Cooking and food
Handy Man
Project Management

"Not wanting to burden my daughter, who works, and cares for my grandchildren and her hubby, I decided to look for short time assistance. Caring With Kindness is who I called.

Shaunna (who I had briefly met in the past) came to see me to assess my needs. She was able to pair me perfectly with one of their Personal Domestic Helpers, George, who went over and above to ensure my satisfaction. He was efficient and affective, calling the day before our appointment and asking for any specific requests for the next day. George was very helpful, cleaning and assisting with landscaping, things I was unable to do at the time.

Luckily, I healed quickly and am able to get back to being self reliant, but I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to call Caring with Kindness in the future. "


"Caring With Kindness helped me relocate my in-home business and personal residence by arranging a credited mover and also helped me find the perfect place to relocate to. Not only that, but they were there for me every step of the way. Thank you for your compassion and expertise to help me through this process. I highly recommend Caring With Kindness for anything you need."

Anne's Alterations

"Caring With Kindness came to help me when I needed a hand. Very personable, speedy and thorough. I know you will be happy."

Yours & Mine Consignment Boutique

"My mother and I wish to thank the friendly, Personal Domestic Helpers of Caring With Kindness for the thorough cleaning and organizing they do for us all with kindness, caring and compassion."

K. McDowall

"Great service! Very professionally-run business and staff, highly recommended."

Local business owner

Where do you start?

We schedule a Meet & Greet with the client or a family member to review the client’s needs. We offer rate plan options for the frequency of services required and are structured to fit every budget. Some clients prefer services once a week, one every two weeks or on a more frequent basis, depending on their requirements.

Every month one day is scheduled to volunteer to those in need working with nonprofit organizations, that assist seniors with physical or mental health concerns. We also volunteer to individuals who have a disability and are on a limited pension.


We understand that you may have questions so we have provided some answers.

Have more questions? Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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