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If it were not for Caring With Kindness to arrive at my home and let the oil company in to bleed my furnace, I would have had to take the day off of work as the oil company could only give me half an hour notice which does not work for my job. When the company left, I was called and informed by Shaunna that the furnace needs to be serviced and to arrange a time for them to come back. Once again Caring With Kindness arrived at my home and let them in to service the furnace. My home was secured and the furnace was repaired. Thank you. S. McGrego

On the day of my move, I was overwhelmed and when I arrived at my new place, I knew I would need help to unpack and organize my belongings. In no time at all the task was done with the help of Caring With Kindness. Thank You for turning a trying day into smiles and laughter. A. Adema

I had no motivation or incentive to tackle sorting and getting rid of clutter in countless bins that were taking up much needed room in storage. With the Help of Caring With Kindness, the job became fun and productive.  Adrianna Furlan

Madeline: On several occasions Caring With Kindness has taken me to see my doctor and dentist and waited for me as I was apprehensive on what would transpire. When the snow fell in February, my stairs and driveway were shovelled every day until the snow went away. Very much appreciated for your services. Madeline

In my work area, I had no room to function due to the disorganization, By the time Caring With Kindness left, the area was three times the size and all inventory was sorted effectively. J. Bischoff

After my wife passed away, I was left with not knowing how to function without her. The house needed cleaning and all her effects sorted to give to family, take to a thrift store or to recycle. Shaunna did all this for me, plus had a yard sale and then took on doing my grocery shopping, making meals and making sure I was alright. Within a few years, I had a new lease on life. Words cannot express how thankful I am to Caring With Kindness. Bill

With the help of Caring With Kindness, clothes were tagged and inventoried which saved me so much time. Thank you for your help. Yours & Mine Consignment