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"Not wanting to burden my daughter, who works, and cares for my grandchildren and her hubby, I decided to look for short time assistance. Caring With Kindness is who I called.

Shaunna (who I had briefly met in the past) came to see me to assess my needs.  She was able to pair me perfectly with one of their Personal Domestic Helpers, George, who went over and above to ensure my satisfaction. He was efficient and affective, calling the day before our appointment and asking for any specific requests for the next day. George was very helpful, cleaning and assisting with landscaping, things I was unable to do at the time. 

Luckily, I healed quickly and am able to get back to being self reliant, but I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute to call Caring with Kindness in the future.  

I highly recommend their services. Love (and thanks)"

L. Bob

"I really appreciate the service from Caring With Kindness. It's been so helpful for me. They go over and above for their service. I've felt so much support and comfort from the service.

I not only got a home care worker but also someone I can talk to.

Thank you, Caring With Kindness"

K. McDowell

"My mother and I wish to thank the Friendly, Personal Domestic Helpers of Caring With Kindness for the thorough cleaning and organizing they do for us all with kindness, caring and compassion."

H. Wiese

"One day in my life, I went out shopping and when I got in my car there was this folder, Caring With Kindness. After looking at it I decided to check it out and things changed for me at 91. I was getting tired of doing things as well as hard for me to do so I called for an appointment.

After meeting with Caring With Kindness, I was assigned a Personal Helper who works at top speed, is way ahead on all things and is great on all fields.

In my 91 years, I have never had anyone who looks after me with such care and maintaining my boat that I live on. My Personal Helper is one great lady and a hell of a woman!"

A. Lloyd

"Shaunna and her team did amazing work! Took the stress off what we were overwhelmed by, made it simple and easy, got rid of stuff we needed gone, lots of “extra mile” with this company! They did work inside and outside of the house and we are so pleased with both!"

Joanne Iormetti

Multimedia Marketing Consultant

"I’ve used Caring With Kindness a few times now, mostly for move-out or move-in cleaning services. Once when I sold a home, and once when I bought a home.

I’ve found The Caring With Kindness Helpers to be very professional, and extremely aware of my needs. They made great suggestions as to what could be done and what couldn’t be done, went over everything in detail so I knew exactly what I was getting.

In my move-in clean, they ended up doing an extra service by pulling out the fridge and stove to clean behind and under. The attention to detail was impressive. I found them to be very kind, friendly, and non-judgmental.

One of the jobs I hired Caring With Kindness for was to clean my new condo after the previous tenant moved out. Although the tenant cleaned it… it was still really dirty. It was super important to me to know that when I moved into my new condo, it was clean. I didn’t have to worry about anything - I could just move in and put my things away.

I would hire them again in a heartbeat."

Local business owner

"Great service! Very professionally-run business and staff, highly recommended."

D. Palmer

"My 'rock gardens' were taken over by weeds, and with company coming, I desperately needed help. Caring With Kindness made easy work of it within my timeframe and budget. I thank you, and my back thanks you!!"

B. Bard

"When in need of a professional and experienced dog sitter they responded very quickly! The rate quoted was the best in town and they had NO ISSUE with my dates or my dog’s high needs. The Trainer was even willing to bring his own dog to work on our dog's socialization skills. I'm pretty darned pleased about that."

A. Furlan

"I am a very busy person. Besides the jobs I have, I also have multiple businesses.

One of my businesses is a decor rental company "Black Tie Decor - Decor For All Occasions". As you can imagine I have A LOT of inventory and every year I have to go through everything and purge items. This is a very daunting task. I had no motivation or incentive to tackle the sorting or getting rid of items in countless bins that was taking up much needed room in storage.

With the Help of Caring With Kindness, the job became fun and productive."

Yours & Mine Consignment Boutique

"Shauna came to help me when I needed a hand. Very personable, speedy and thorough. I know you will be happy."

Juan Zavaleta

"My wife has breast cancer since 2018 with a radical mastectomy in 2019. She underwent lung surgery back in March and we needed a great deal of help with the house cleaning.

Since contacting Caring With Kindness, we realized it is just not the house cleaning they provide, but the immense emotional support they give us through our battle. They have been with us for almost 8 months and the relief they have provided to my personal situation taking care of everything has been immense. My wife is now terminal and CWK is like our family away from our family since we are immigrants and we are literally by ourselves.

They truly care with love and kindness."

S. Peterson

"As a full-time student, Caring With Kindness (CWK) has helped reduce my stress and workload by cleaning and decluttering my house.

After my husband and I got married, we moved to a much smaller house and have been slowly downsizing ever since. Shaunna and Charlene from CWK have provided exactly the assistance we need, when we need it. They have been flexible with scheduling as well. My husband also works full-time so sometimes the wonderful Cleaners come by while we are both out for the day and we get to return to a nice clean home. Other times, I declutter, organize, and box up items for donation with the help of Shaunna or Charlene - they are amazing with providing whatever type of help we need each visit!

They really go above and beyond in so many ways, and they've had a positive impact on my overall well-being. Thank you to the CWK team!"

J. Rose

"Two years ago, my 92-year-old dad ended up in the hospital due to a serious head injury from falling off his chair at home. This incident made us realize that we definitely needed to get him help in order for him to be able to stay in his own home safely. He made it quite clear that there was no way he would go into an assisted living facility. Upon release from the hospital, we received some literature regarding options for the kind of help he would need in order to do so. 

I live too far away to spend the time that would be needed to care for all of his needs and there is no other family that could help, that’s when we found Caring with Kindness. A huge weight was lifted off our family from there on in.

Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and cooking healthy meals for my dad was just the start. Bit by bit, Caring with Kindness took on more services by scheduling and driving him to his appointments, keeping him company. taking him out for drives and lunches out, buying clothing and anything else he needed.

We could not do without the exceptional service or emotional support that Caring With Kindness has given to my dad and his family over the last two years. Thank you very much for all you have done and continue to do"

Relocation Services

We also perform additional services if you are considering relocating to another residence. To make sure all your needs are met, we arrange third party professionals for services we do not perform.

  • Organize and sort belongings to be packed and moved from the home
  • Stage furniture and decor in the home for improved resale value
  • Take measurements for what can and cannot be used in the new home
  • Organize all belongings in new home
  • Disperse of items not needed
  • Arrange appraisal of items to be sold
  • Organize the packing and shipping of items to family members or others
  • Arrange for painters or repairs
  • Clean the premises after vacating or before moving to the new premises
  • Arrange disconnect of appliances
  • Arrange the change of address with post office, utilities and others
  • Arrange yard and lawn maintenance
  • Co-ordinate with the Relocation Consultant and Furniture Division to perform Care Services
  • Consult and recommend real estate agents for the sale of the property

Many aspects need to be considered and discussed to ensure a seamless transition that is worry-free from and to your new home

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