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Thank you for your interest in working as a non medical Care Giver with Caring With Kindness.

The following traits are qualities we look for when choosing a professional home caregiver to join the team:

Passion: A home caregiver genuinely cares about the client in their care. Caregiving is hard, and only a caregiver that is passionate about their vocation can give the best care they possibly can. A passionate caregiver is positive, enthusiastic, and happy and lets this shine through when working with the people in their care. Passionate caregivers always look for ways to improve the lives of those they work with.

Compassion: Compassion or empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of someone else. A compassionate home caregiver can identify with the pain, fear, and discomfort of the client in their care and know how to make them feel better. Compassionate home caregivers always think how they would want to be taken care of if the roles were reversed.

Patience and Flexibility: Many days don’t go as planned. Difficult situations may arise, and a senior may become uncooperative or emotional. A home caregiver may need to slow down the pace when the client in their care is in more pain or discomfort than usual. A home caregiver that is too rigid will have a hard time dealing with situations like this.

Selflessness: A good caregiver puts the needs of the client in their care first. This can sometimes be difficult when a client is stubborn. They are also required to be able to take control of a situation in order to put the health and well-being of the client in their care foremost.

Attentiveness: A good home caregiver is attuned to the physical and emotional well-being of the client in their care and can notice any changes. There may be times your client is not aware of these changes or unable to communicate it to their home caregiver, which is why a caregiver that is attentive and responds quickly to dangers can save lives.

Reliability and trustworthiness: A home caregiver should be dependable and committed to their vocation. The client and their family depend on the caregiver to arrive, no matter the situation.

Professionalism: We all have off days, and we all know that we can’t let our personal issues affect our work. A client can be affected by the mood of the home caregiver; therefore it’s important that home caregivers are always professional, no matter the circumstances.

Excellent communication skills: A home caregiver needs to communicate with the client and their family, as well as the client’s doctor and other medical specialists. It’s important that a home caregiver communicates in clear and simple terms, and make sure everybody is informed about any changes in the health and well-being of the client.

Maintain confidentiality: A home caregiver receives confidential information when working with a client and is able to keep the information to themselves, unless the information needs to be disclosed for the safety and well-being of the client.

Physically fit, healthy, and a strong constitution: A home caregiver needs the strength and stamina to assist the client in their care with any task needed, such as helping them to bathe or get out of bed or help them with toiletry functions.

Social activities: You have an opportunity to enrich the lives of our clients by providing companionship and performing activities that the clients truly enjoy. As people become more restricted in their mobility they often become isolated socially. Aside from taking their clients to activities caregivers provide a companion and someone for the client to talk to.

If you feel you have these traits, then we want to hear form you. Please email us your resume to admin@carewithkindness from the Contact page.