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Relocation Services

We also perform additional Services if you are considering relocating to another residence. To make sure all your needs are met, we arrange third party professionals for services we do not perform.

  • Organize and sort belongings to be packed and moved from the home
  • Stage furniture and decor in the home for improved resale value
  • Take measurements for what can and cannot be used in the new home
  • Organize all belongings in new home
  • Disperse of items not needed
  • Arrange appraisal of items to be sold
  • Organize the packing & shipping of items to family members or others
  • Arrange for painters or repairs
  • Clean the premises after vacating or before moving to the new premises
  • Arrange disconnect of appliances
  • Arrange the change of address with post office, utilities and others
  • Arrange yard & lawn maintenance
  • Co-ordinate with the Relocation Consultant and Furniture Division to perform Care Services
  • Consult and recommend real estate agents for the sale of the property

Many aspects need to be considered and discussed to ensure a seamless transition that is worry free from and to your new home.

Contact us for further details or to arrange a consultation.