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As a community filled with kind souls, we are reaching out to you to ask for your help to support and contribute to our less fortunate neighbours. Resources are scarce (to non-existent) to either rent or purchase medical equipment for either a short- or long-term period for individuals living on low income and too young to qualify for senior assistance.

Medical equipment – from a simple pair of crutches (for short-term rental use) to a wheelchair, walker, bed, commode, handicap bars, bath seats to even motorized lifts – are beyond these individuals to rent or purchase. This equipment is vital to their health, welfare, and safety.

Grab bars

Funding and Disbursement of Expenses

All funds received through sponsors shall be deposited into a Caring With Kindness account that has been set up strictly for this purpose.

An e-transfer to is preferred but we also accept a cheque payable to Caring With Kindness Consulting Ltd.

We cannot issue a charitable receipt as we are not a charity. We are here to help communities flourish and will provide payment for the rental or purchase of the needed medical equipment directly to the company providing it.

You will receive acknowledgement of the funds you donate here on this website and in our social media.

To ensure the donor receives the medical equipment they require, the Donor Candidate is to provide a physician’s note to Caring With Kindness as to what their patient requires for either short or long term medical equipment.

The Candidate is also to provide to Caring With Kindness the contact information of the medical equipment company they have been in contact with in order for Caring With Kindness to directly pay the funds to the medical company of their choice. The equipment will be in the Candidate’s name for warranty and liability purposes.

Please complete the form provided if you are either a sponsor or the person in need of the medical equipment.

Additional expenses over the cost of the equipment rental or purchase will include a 20% fee for administration, marketing, project management, and accounting of the program.

If you are not in a financial position to contribute, we appreciate your support by sharing this campaign with those who may be able to help within community.


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