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Meet the Founder of Caring With Kindness, Shaunna Morgan:

She brings to the team over 40 years of valuable experience as a management business professional in developing people to overcome where they are challenged and develop their strengths to flourish at both a personal and business level.

Shaunna is very community orientated and believes in giving back to help those less fortunate. She has volunteered her time to help nonprofits such as The Island Crisis Care Society, The Samaritan House, The Salvation Army and The Men’s Centre.

Through business affiliations, Shaunna has cultivated many valuable connections within the local community of Nanaimo and surrounding areas to join people together on what they each offer the other to succeed. This has proven to be a very valuable asset when sourcing the right people for the right job with the right skills when forming the key team players of Caring With Kindness.

Shaunna has spent most of her life on Vancouver Island and for the past 18 years has resided in Nanaimo. While residing in Nanaimo, she has also spent many years in caring for the elder who need help with day to day chores and running errands for them while keeping them company.

Family values are very important to her and even though she has no children, she is an awesome Aunt, Sister In Law, Step Daughter and a great Sister to her two siblings.

In her quiet time, Shaunna enjoys reading, gardening, cooking and volunteering to those in need.

Meet our IT Specialist and Processor, Lynwood Walker:

Lynwood spent over 10 years in various management positions with The Salvation Army, helping to deliver much-needed services to those that need them the most. His long-standing interest in Emergency Planning and Disaster Response has led him to assist in response to emergencies such as the Edmonton tornado and floods in Northern Alberta, as well as roles with Victim Assistance and various aircraft or marine Search and Rescue organizations.

Having been blessed with aging parents, he has often had the opportunity to assist them with household chores, transportation to appointments and social engagements, and helping them to understand and navigate the complexities of today’s world.

He has owned and maintained various types of homes in the past – from smaller mobile homes to larger single-family dwellings in both urban and rural environments. He is an avid woodworker and applies his skills from basic home maintenance to building custom garden furniture.

Most animals seem to take to Lynwood pretty readily – sometimes surprising even their  owners. He currently shares his life with both a dog and a horse. His other interests include digital photography, dancing, computers, boating, hiking and electronics.

Meet our Landscaper, Gardener and Handyman, George Lundgren:

George is specialized in performing services as a Handyman, Landscaper, Gardener, House Cleaner and everything in between to help with the chores and errands of our clients in Nananimo and the surrounding areas.

A bit about George:
I was born into a farming family in Edmonton and have had a close relationship with gardens and the land, all of my life. I did spend a decade living and working in Ontario in the mid seventies to mid eighties. During that decade, I worked as a market gardener (acres of land for growing vegetables), landscape gardener and during the winters, I was the owner operator of a Taxi.
During my working life I have acquired additional skills in basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry, painting and drywall. Basically I am a great handyman too! I helped my friends who are professional trades people on the job, mostly for residential. I did drywall taping in my early teens for a drywall company and also helped my friends in painting for their customers.
I have had my own landscape business in building fences and gates, designing and constructing raised garden beds and planting gardens. I excel at pruning and cutting limbs. Rejuvenating established gardens, that for reasons aplenty have been let go, is one of my favourite passions. I am a stickler for details and am an enthusiastic gardener and landscaper.
B.C., is one of the best climates in Canada for gardening, especially vegetables and why I have lived here for most of my life. My wife and I previously lived in a house with gardens, so we gardened every month the ground was clear. February, we planted our garlic patch, composted the other beds and did the first of many a weeding. March and April, were prep months, garden beds, planting seedlings and pruning the dead wood from trees and shrubs. I enjoy the sharing of knowledge when working with clients of Caring With Kindness as they also offer so much insight in the experience they have gained throughout their years.
I joined, Caring with Kindness because of the variety of services they offer which allow me to help many people in what they require and what I love doing.
My hobbies are: Reading books, enjoying movies, refinishing furniture and restoring antique steamer trunks, gardening, walking. I enjoy animals of all kinds and connect with our domestic ones extremely well.

Meet our Amazing House Cleaner, Jessica Gadd:

Jessica does more than house clean for our Clients in Nanaimo. She loves to accompany them to appointments,do their grocery shopping, prep and cook their meals and loves to help them in their gardens.

A Little about Jess:

Hi there, my name is Jessica!
I am from a small town in Alberta and moved to Nanaimo 17 years ago. I can honestly say I’ll be here for the rest of my life as I love it here! Nanaimo is such a beautiful city with amazing people and I’m proud to call Nanaimo my home and raise my children here.
I met my husband 16 years ago and have been married for 13 of them. We have two beautiful boys; ages 8 & 5 that are true miracle babies. We struggled for years with infertility and did everything under the sun at the fertility centre. Thankfully we had the most amazing doctor and nurse’s and were blessed with our boys after many rounds of Invitro. Being a stay-at-home parent, the last eight years have been a joy for me in raising our young family.
We strongly believe in giving back to community, so we started fostering dogs! We fostered over fifty dogs and it was such a rewarding experience for all of us. The kids especially loved helping out and taking care of each dog that came into our home.
Another hobby I like to do is curl up on the couch and read a good book. I have loved reading since I was a child and over time that love has grown. Two years ago I started up an Instagram account and started posting photos of books (with our dog) that I was reading and writing reviews on them. Now I am a full book reviewer with a very large Instagram following which is amazing! I receive all kinds of books from publishers which is great because I love reading many different genres. Recently our family built a Little Free Library in the front of our house which we keep fully stocked with books for the community to enjoy. I’ve also recently partnered up with a company as a book fairy and I’ll be hiding books around Nanaimo to spread the love of reading 🙂
I knew that when both of our children were in full-time school, I would be able to start working again. Interesting how opportunities come our way when you focus on what we want! I just happened to stumble upon Caring With Kindness and knew it was a perfect fit for me as giving back to community and helping others is such a rewarding feeling. I have definitely found my calling!
I am so thankful and happy in having an amazing career through Caring With Kindness, a loving family which our big, beautiful great Dane, Dolly is a “big” part of, and last but not least, is our friends.