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Meet our Care Services Specialist, Shaunna Morgan:

She brings to the team over 30 years of valuable experience as a management business professional in developing people to overcome where they are challenged and develop their strengths to flourish at both a personal and business level.

Shaunna is very community orientated and believes in giving back to help those less fortunate. She has volunteered her time to help non profits such as The Island Crisis Care Society, The Samaritan House, The Salvation Army and The Men’s Centre.

Through business affiliations, Shaunna has cultivated many valuable connections within the local community of Nanaimo and surrounding areas to join people together on what they each offer the other to succeed. This has proven to be a very valuable asset when sourcing the right people for the right job with the right skills when forming the key team players of Caring With Kindness.

Shaunna has spent most of her life on Vancouver Island and for the past 18 years has resided in Nanaimo. While residing in Nanaimo, she has also spent many years in caring for the elder who need help with day to day chores and running errands for them while keeping them company.

Family values are very important to her and even though she has no children, she is an awesome Aunt, Sister In Law, Step Daughter and a great Sister to her two siblings.

In her quiet time, Shaunna enjoys reading, gardening, cooking and volunteering to those in need.


Meet our Care Giver, Lynwood Walker:

Lynwood spent over 10 years in various management positions with The Salvation Army, helping to deliver much-needed services to those that need them the most. His long-standing interest in Emergency Planning and Disaster Response has led him to assist in response to emergencies such as the Edmonton tornado and floods in Northern Alberta, as well as roles with Victim Assistance and various aircraft or marine Search and Rescue organizations.

Having been blessed with aging parents, he has often had the opportunity to assist them with household chores, transportation to appointments and social engagements, and helping them to understand and navigate the complexities of today’s world.

He has owned and maintained various types of homes in the past – from smaller mobile homes to larger single-family dwellings in both urban and rural environments. He is an avid woodworker and has applied his skills on everything from basic home maintenance to building custom garden furniture.

Most animals seem to take to Lynwood pretty readily – sometimes surprising even their  owners. He currently shares his life with both a dog and a horse. His other interests include digital photography, dancing, computers, boating, hiking and electronics.


Meet Our Health Care Worker, Brigette Horvath:

Brigette has acquired over 15 years as a health care worker. With her extensive knowledge in caring for  individuals with disabilities, she is a stead fast companion and kind soul to all she looks after.

When not busy pampering and looking after clients, her hobbies lead her into the kitchen where she is found creating delicious meals that she shares with all her friends. Another favourite pastime of hers is curling up with her cat while immersing herself in a good book. Movie marathon anyone?