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Mission Statement

At Caring With Kindness we believe strongly in personal care that provides all the chores and errands so our clients can enjoy free time to engage in activities for daily living assistance and provide companionship services to enforce independence, freedom, and quality of life for individuals that want to remain in the comfort of their own home.

We honour our clients with Compassion, Integrity, Advocacy, Respect and Excellence in Care Services.

We CARE; for the needs and values of our clients.
We CARE; by effectively communicating to our client both verbally and by our actions.
We CARE; on individual differences in learning styles, language, cultural and cognitive abilities.

We create an environment to listen closely, with acceptance and without judgment.
We value our clients needs by showing empathy.
We focus on achieving the greatest well-being and the highest potential for all our clients.
We strive to support the needs and concerns of our clients by providing a comfortable environment.

Be knowledgeable about our clients and their cares.
Fully acknowledge our clients beliefs and responsibilities.
Assess alternate Care Services with inspiration to accomplish the highest outcome for our clients.